About me.

Hi there! My name is Martin, and thanks for stopping by. This is my brand spanking new Hobbies and Leisure blog, Fanfare Sint Martinus.

With over 50 years under my belt it’s fair to say that I’ve tried a lot of hobbies, too many as the misses says! And with all that knowledge and love for hobbies I wanted to create a space on the internet where I can share my hobbies, thoughts and ideas with other like minded people. I love to try different and unusual hobbies, last year I even went skY diving for the first time, and my next big thing is B.A.S.E Jumping at the end of this year.

My favourite hobbies are:
Fishing – Sport fishing, noodling, deep water fishing, even Ice Fishing.
Golfing – What can be better than hitting a few rounds of Golf and relaxing in the Club house.
Currency Collecting – Something my dad passed down to me.
Knitting – Probably my strangest hobby but me and the misses love to knit up the Christmas Jumpers for the family together.