Funny Golf words A-H

Golf terminology (A – H)

As everyone knows there are words and phrases used commonly in Golf that to the untrained ear sound mighty hilarious. I’ve scoured my brain to think of the best and funniest golf terms to share with you, plus other not quite as funny golf terms to help those interested in starting Golf.

Ball Washer

Very simple and unfortunately not as good as it sounds.  Found all over golf courses, and commonly at the tee boxes, Ball Washers are just the equipment used to clean your golf balls.


Scoring 1 under the par on a hole.  For example scoring a 3 on a par 4 hole.


Scoring 1 over the par on a hole.  For example scoring a 5 on a par 4 hole.

Chip Shot

Nothing to do with potatoes unfortunately.  A Chip shot is a short approach shot normally hit close to the green that has a low trajectory.

Chip In.

Again no potatoes.  But actually pretty good, a Chip In is when you hit a Chip Shot (above) into the cup.


The building at the back of the Golf Course where you go to drink, eat and be merry after a few holes of Golf.  Note there is a lot of showing off about sub par rounds whilst drinking.


The small holes on the golf balls.


Nope, no puppies running around the course.  A dogleg is a hole that has a bend after a period of straightness.


A group or 4 players.  None of the fun of a threesome.


The number of strokes a player takes on his round


Unlike on a computer, in Golf a hacker is someone not very skilled