Ice Fishing.

To start off my blog I wanted to talk about a type of Fishing that’s incredibly common here in the Great White North but not as common elsewhere in the world, Ice Fishing.  Ice Fishing is one of my favourite types of Fishing.  There can be nothing better than watching the water move freely below the Ice that you’re sitting on whilst nursing a warm cosy cup of hot chocolate.

Ice Fishing

The first thing to do if you want to try Ice Fishing is to make sure that you are dressed nice and warm.  There is an old saying ‘’You can always peel off layers if you’re too hot, but you can’t add them if you don’t have them’’  and this is so true to Ice Fishing.  You will need plenty of layers, including some winter sport basics. Start off wearing a cool-fit shirt and leggings which will keep so as dry as possible.  Then build up. You want to be dry and not sweating under your clothes as this can lead to frostbite and hypothermia.

The next thing is to invest in a pair of waterproof, well insulated and warm winter boots.  Pack Boots will do the trick in a pinch but remember that your feet bear the brunt of the freezing Ice.

ice fishing


Toboggan or Sled

  • To haul equipment onto the ice easier.

Ice Auger

  • To drill your hole


  • To scoop out the slush from the ice hole

Ice Chisel or Spud

  • To chop holes in the ice when it’s thinner

Bait bucket

  • To hold live bait

Gaff Hook

  • A large, heavy hook to hoist slippery fish through the ice hole.


  • To park your butt on.

Dip Net

  • To retrieve bait from buckets

Hook Disgorger

  • to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth